Innsbruck, our Home
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Based in Innsbruck give us the opportunity of urban and nature aspects in filming and photography. We always have the chance to film industrial alleys, buildings, crowdy streets and places as well as going out in the nature, filming sunsets, animals, huge mountains. So all in all innsbruck and the enviroment is just an wonderful spot for a film production.

Martin Venier
Ing. Etzl Straße 49
6020 Innsbruck
tel:+43 (0)664 82 17 564

The Studio

Our Studio is our meeting place as well as it´s pretty awesome to have the opportunity filming studio stuff, build up locations over weeks, set your own lights, test out the new equipment.

Upcomming Projects

Zarah, V-Mobil, Kästle, Amadeus International School Vienna